Angry Hippy hires Lazy Not Hippy to post his tournament scores

Okay, it’s almost been two weeks and we haven’t shared the results of the Angry Hippy Fall Classic Spring Chicken, what was it called again? Right, the Warm-Up Huck. Woo hoo! Memories!

We didn’t have all that bad of a turn out either! There were scores of people looking to donate for the Baileys booster for their coffee. Suggested donation of $5 means $2 in disc golf by the way. It should work elsewhere, just tell them you disc golf. They will get it. I kid, we all had a great time out there and wished more would have come out. It was a beautiful day!

All right, let’s get down to business.

Elijah aka Ace Lion, the artist formally know as Bass Lion (wait, he is still known as Bass Lion in some parts?), our local club dub star disc golf monster took the open division with a score of more better than the rest of those guys. Great job Elijah!

Kelly Sereda was sort of an upset of sorts. Everyone said he was a donkey, but I didn’t believe them I WAS RIGHT, KELLY IS ALL SORTS OF AWESOME. Great job, Kelly. You had a great first round, nice work holding on to the win.

And in the Advanced Sandbagger division we had mister Mike Gould. He took that win like a guy would if he was playing that day with his luck. Okay, I’ll admit I have no idea what his round was like, I had already left because we ran out of baileys. Mike, great job and welcome to Open.

Bogdan did a great job out there. He’s helping us set up the OB and such at the Alberta Open and we really like the cut of this guys jib. Stay tuned for more of the Angry Hippy events over the 2017 Season. We’ll be there too, he just makes these pop up events so damn fun.

Sorry for the late update, folks. It’s been a busy few weeks.