May before the 4th be with you

We’ve got exactly… almost close to only 2 days left before registration closes. If you’ve not already reached out to Lobo to make arrangements for payment on day of event you’re going to be missing out on one heck of an event.

We’ve also reached the soft cap of 72 people. So there are 18 spots left. All you late bloomers can step right up or get your gallery wardrobe ready.


There will be no extension of the course layout to accommodate any more than 90 people. So get to it.

I’m not going to tease anyone with the Raffles. It’s nuts, believe me I’m winning all of it, but buy tickets early and often anyway. I’ll also note that a short list of the main prizes will be available in your digital caddy book. I’ll be sending those soon after the 8:00 PM May 4th Cutoff. 

That guy in the photo is a Jedi, or whatever Spock was.


As we’ve seen a HUGE increase in the number of side events and continuous BBQ from Lunch through to 6:30pm each night. So if you were planning on seeing Boss Baby at the cineplex during the evening, change your plans. We’ve got a Mini-Disc Tourney ala Mark Dakiv and a putting game bonanza from True North on Saturday. A huge Ring of Fire with Don’s Lifesport and True north pitching in some prizes on the Sunday just before the Awards while we deal with those Super Six tallies.


All the Calgary vendors will be on hand to show you their product and introduce themselves. Calgary has a vibrant retail community dedicated to disc golf. Come meet the folks supporting the growth of the sport. Deadly Discs is always near the tournament scene, so you’ll get to meet Wally as well!


Bring all your cool stuff so we can buy it. Any and all Alberta Club has the opportunity to bring their fundraiser materials to share with the province. So keep an eye out for those folks when you’re here.


We don’t anticipate a herd of people, but really, whoever changed the google address for Banff to be set to Lloyd Park is a genius. We might see tourist buses on the Saturday. Everyone follow my lead. I need all of you who can speak with an Australian accent to send me an email immediately.

Alright. I know you aren’t reading this. How about the first person to order a disc online before 6pm (MST) who is also registered for the event will get a bonus prize. Remember, first person to order a disc via the ARMory before 6pm MST. I’ve got a secret discount on flatops right now, but we’re plum out of gators, so cry me a river or talk to Hergott. He’s replacing all the donations he made at GBO.

If no one buys a disc by 6pm I’m not letting the ARMy BBQ staff put out the pickles. I realize I just cut my target audience in half with that threat.

More coming soon. I’m giving away to many secrets.



2 comments on “May before the 4th be with you”
  1. Tyler Mayotte says:

    My buddy registered me and mis spelled my name. It’s Tyler Mayotte not Tyler moyette. It’s not big deal just rather have the right name on the score card

    1. Lobo says:

      You’re sorter Tyler. – Lobo

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