Big Bear Classic XIX

You might all think you know what’s going on, but you don’t. You’re thinking it’s going to be another typical Big Bear, but you’d be wrong. Don’t be sad. That just means it’s going to be an adventure.

The Big Bear Classic is normally a May tournament, and it will be again next year, but this year it’s in August. Right after Lost Egg, and right before Falcons Flight. So we’re the middle of the most awesome disc golf sandwich Alberta has to offer.

It’s not just going to be awesome, it’s going to be mega hella awesome. Don’t miss out.

Pre-registration opens June 15th. We’re capping at 72 people. We’re playing 60 holes over 2 days. We’re going to have activities in place on the Friday, so plan to get here early. We’re also going to have some non-player activities in place for your support team(Family), so let them know they are also welcome at the event.

We suggest people start looking for accommodations now, as it’s very busy in the Bow Valley in August. We’ll get you some ideas together for Wednesday, but it can’t hurt to start now if you know you’re coming.

If you’re a Canmore pal who might have room, let us know. If you’ve got space for people to park, that works too. Anyone of you who has an interest in joining the ARMy and doing good, reach out as well. We’ll take you. Let us know.

More to come soon.