Small Bear – Update

Come Bear Prepared

rawr before the RAWR! We’ve got a really easy breezy day planned on Sunday. You show up, we send you out. Please come Bear prepared, as it’s berry season in the region, and really… you should always be Bear prepared if your in Canmore. That said, we’ll have extra Bear Spray on hand to send out with each group – Matt has a really good demo set up with props and a puppet to help educate you on Bear Safety.


You don’t have to be in Canmore for 9am. This is a flex start event, meaning you can come when you like and play with who you like – there just needs to be a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 5 people on each card.

  • You can show up anytime after 9am to start your round.
  • Last card goes out at noon.

Prize outs – CTPS etc

We’re going to determine if meeting around 2:30pm will work, or if we want to do prize chits with True North Disc Golf. We’ll take a poll when you all get here.

We’ll have some fun divisional CTPs, and the more people we have come out the more those we’ll have.

Disc Swap

We’ve all got plastic that’s wasting away in our bins. Bring it out and see if you can strike a deal with some of your fellow disc golfers. Keep it to the parking lot if you can, folks.

Day Lodge

The Day lodge will be open all day, please try and utilize their facilities if you can. The Fresh Tracks Cafe makes a pretty terrific burger, but there are lots of options over there. The Day Lodge also features a number of washrooms, a water bottle filling station, and showers!

Why Small Bear

This event, at it’s core, is a preview event for the Big Bear Classic XIX. It also serves as a fundraiser to help us offset some of the costs of hosting an event at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

We also value your feedback. Let us know what you think of the layout. And most importantly bring Lobo birthday cake and HAVE FUN!

See you out there Sunday!