Big Bear Classic XIX – Thursday Update

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Whew, so lots and lots and lots and lots more.

We’re getting things together for a pretty special weekend, folks. There is little time between now and the start of the event so I’ll keep this short.

Here is the schedule as it stands.

Q: Are you mixing the AM divisions and the Open divisions on the first round?

You bet we are. So all our Amateur divisions will be mixed together to make the first round on Green pads super fun. Our Open divisions will also be intermixed to provide some early communal fun, disc golf is serious business though, so stay sharp out there.

Q: Green Tee Pads?

We’ve developed a set of alternate tee pads for the Amateur divisions. These tees are shorter, but you’re still in the mountains folks. It’s still going to be challenging, and you’re walking the same distance. Feel free to underestimate these tee boxes. Lobo thinks you’re all champs though, so he’s organized some hot round prizes for you to battle for.

  • Hot Round – Advanced Divisions (MA1/MM1) – Kastaplast Prize Pack from Lobo
  • Hot Round – Intermediate and Novice (MA2/MA4) – Prize Pack – Strathmore DGC
  • Hot Round – Intermediate and Novice Women (MA2/MA4) – Prize Pack – Lifesport

Only your Green Tee pad rounds count towards this Hot Round Competition! Here is when you’re division will be playing them

  • Novice Men (MA4), Intermediate Women (FA2), Novice Women (FA4)
    • All three rounds from the Green Tees
  • Intermediate Men (MA2)
    • First and third round from the Greens, Second round from the Regular tees.
  • Advanced Amateurs (MA1) and Masters (MM1)
    • You’ll be joining the rest of the amateur division on the first round from the Greens. Your Second and Third round will be from the regular tees.

Q: Wait, so how does the Ace Pot work then?

Due to the fact the Open divisions *won’t be throwing from the green tees, it puts the Amateur divisions at an advantage for the Ace Pot (we’ll see). We agree that it’s more likely there will be more dingers from the Greens, so we’re going to split the Ace Pot into an Amateur Ace Pot, and an Open Ace Pot.

No aces? We throw-down CTP styles. In the event neither of the pools hit an ace we’ll shoot a full field CTP for the combined Ace pool.

  • 1st – 50% pot
  • 2nd – 30% pot
  • 3rd –  20% pot

Q: I’d like to donate to this wonderful tournament of awesome-sauce because, wow, do I ever feel like being super awesome.

We’re pretty accommodating. We’re also pretty good at appreciation. Feel free to bring any items you think might be a nice raffler, CTP prize or the like.

Q: What the h*ck is Lil’ Bear?

Lil’ Bear is our Mini Disc tournament that will be held after Round Two on Saturday. We really had a great time with this at the Alberta Open, and Mark Dakiv is out Mini-TD.
We’ve got serious prizes from RPM Discs, Island Disc Golf, and Lifesport. Sign up on Saturday!

Q: So where is my lunch?

Feast-ival of Eats Meal Ticket holders will receive their meal cards when they check in. Again, just so there is no mistaking, only those who pre-ordered will be fed at the ARMy mess this time around. We are not able to sell food onsite. Valbella Gourmet Deli, Nesters Market Banff, and Natural Way Chiropractic have come together to help us keep our lunches delicious and nutritious!

Q: I ordered a Battle Tag, what the h*ck have I got myself into?

30 ARMDGA Battle Tags were sold. You’re the cool people that are going places and are probably going to win Big Bear because you had the foresight to know that battle tags are going to be awesome. Good for you. We’ll have more on the BTags later.

Q: Did someone say there was a Registered Massage Therapist on site Saturday

Yes! We’ve got  Registered Massage Therapist Lucie Milisova on site from 5pm-8pm Saturday. We’ll be holding a Lunch time drawing for the 7 available slots. You’re raffling for time slots, so you win the slot you win. See us when you sign in on Saturday for tickets.

Q: Friday Doubles?

Yes, there will be Friday Doubles. See the schedule for more information. We’re going to draw cards and set teams and starting holes in no time flat. $5 buy in. Show up for 5:30pm, the round starts at 6:00pm.

Q: Bear Spray?

Oh yes, definitely Bear Spray. Please review this to become just a little more Bear Smart. Trail Sports, the lovely little Sports shop across from the Day Lodge is our Bear Spray Sponsor this year. We greatly appreciate their contribution to keeping our players safe!

We’ll continue to add to this growing list of FAQs over the next few days.

Q: Whatever happened to Bosstroyer?

Nevermind, you all never read my emails.

More updates to come. Keep your eyes opened.