Fundraiser Discs


We’re really pleased with the fine work our good pal Mike Ramanauskas, aka Double Ram Disc Design, has done with our disc art for the Alberta Open. My goodness does this fella ever get disc art done on the quick, and some seriously inspired and cool work comes out of him, especially if you are pinging him every 20 minutes or so to see how things are going. No really, he was a great team player, and definitely a good pal of ARMDGA. Support this guy, support the people he creates for, they are cool too. He only works with cool people. You want cool people stuff, so keep reading.

People have been curious to know what the heck that scary looking house is? Well, it’s not all that scary really, it’s actually the Red Deer Lake Community Associations 130 year old school house. We got lucky, Mike did some research and worked with us on a great concept we think looks really terrific and it’s shockingly free of a disc golf basket. We hope the fact that it’s a disc golf disc is enough to inform our savy readers that it’s for disc golf.

Here is a quick list of our available moulds. We’re quick to admit we could have gotten more lighter weights for our noodle armed pals but we hope expect you’ll want some of the great work Double Ram Disc Design has done on your wall.

That said, we believe in you – you can throw these meat hooks too, kittens. Meow get your orders in!

These disc sales go directly to supporting the 22nd Annual Alberta Open. Your contributions go directly towards providing our tournament competitors with an exceptional disc golf experience. We support disc golf hard, we’d like YOU to support us medium to medium hard, but please feel free to go as hard as you like. Anything helps!

Plastic Mould
GStar Shryke
Gator – flat top
Firebird – flat top
Pro KC Roc – flat top
TFR Champion Metal Flake Sidewinder
CF Champion Eagle
CF Champion Colored Glow Big Bead Aviar
CF Champion Colored Glow Destroyer

We’ve got a costume crusader helping us with online sales in Don’s Hobby Shop, which will be up and running soon. But considering you’re all pals of ours, we wanted to let have at it a early.

We’ve got a handful of ways for you to get YOUR hands on these plasticized plates of awesome.

Use the form below and choose from the following options:

  • Arrange a meet up with one of the ARMy in either Calgary, Canmore, or Banff.
  • Pick up at Don’s Hobby Shop in Calgary.
  • Pick up at the Alberta Open Disc Golf Tournament May 6-7th.

Let us know what moulds your interested in and we’ll let you know what weights and colors are available. We’ll also work with you to ensure shipping is kept to a minimum. We’re crafty and connected. So if you’re reading this it’s likely we’ll be able to shuttle your picks via one of our shared pals.

That’s right, all your cool friends are playing in the Alberta Open on May 6-7, so reach out. We can make you a little more awesome even if you can’t make the event.

Tip of the Hat to all the TD’s who’ve hosted an event I’ve attended. This isn’t easy stuff! We’re just lucky this is disc golf and not something crappy like not disc golf and the community is super supportive and I’m probably laying it on a little thick now… okay go get em.

$20 each. $25 for the metal fleck plastic. Thanks folks!


Thanks, friends. We do appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the Alberta Open!